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Night Of the Undead (Collectors Blu-Ray)

Night Of the Undead (Collectors Blu-Ray)

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A Night of the Undead, originally titled A Night of the Living Dead, is the latest in a seemingly endless stream of productions to take advantage of the original’s public domain status to remake, Night of the Living Dead 3D, reboot, Rebirth, and even animate, Night of the Animated Dead, the story. Similarly, the film’s jumping off point , that Romero’s film may have been based on real events is a familiar one, having turned up in films as diverse as Fleasheater and Return of the Living Dead.

We’re introduced to that idea via brief clips of radio personalities and YouTubers discussing whether or not the dead actually walked back in 1968. With the anniversary of the alleged events coming up one group of podcasters, Adam (Mason Johnson), Piper (Brianna Phipps, Robin Hood: The Legend Begins, Collage) and Brady (Denny Kidd) decide to broadcast from the farmhouse where the events supposedly took place. Joined by Brady’s ex Judy (Mckenzie Clay, In the Basement, BOONE: The Vengeance Trail), they set out to find the truth.

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